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Village Attacks: Rage and Avarice Expansion

Item #: GG-VA-RAA
Availability: Coming Soon


    • Players: 1-5
    • Playing Time: 30-180
    • Ages: 14+

    From distant Native American lands come the demonic warrior hunter the Baykok (Demon) and the cannibalistic abomination the Wendigo (Cursed). Pursuing them across the globe are the Wind Dancer (Demon) and Spirit Tracker (Cursed) Town Heroes, ready to follow their quarry to oblivion.


    • 2x Monster Miniatures (Baykok & Wendigo)
    • 2x Town Hero Miniatures (Wind Dancer & Spirit Tracker)
    • 2x Monster Dashboards
    • 2x Town Hero Tokens
    • 6x Monster Ability Tokens


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