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Village Attacks: 3D Traps Expansion

Item #: GG-VA-TRAP
Availability: Coming Soon


    • Players: 1-5
    • Playing Time: 30-180
    • Ages: 14+

    Village Attacks is a cooperative castle defense game where players take on the roles of the most infamous creatures of folklore and legend from around the world! Deep in a remote part of the world, you and your monstrous associates have taken up residence in an immense castle. But the local village has had enough of the evil that lies at its door and has decided to lay siege to the castle in an effort to exorcise your wicked taint from the world.

    The castle where evil resides is a deadly place, not only for the otherworldly denizens that call its home, but also for the myriad of deadly hidden traps that could spring at any moment.


    • 1x Log Ram miniature
    • 1x Portal Trap miniature
    • 1x Chandelier Trap miniature
    • 1x Fire Trap miniature
    • 1x Swinging Blades miniature
    • 1x Spike Pit miniature
    • 1x Treasure Horde miniature
    • 1x Boulder Trap miniature
    • 1x Crushing Wall miniature
    • 1x Mimic Chest miniature


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