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The Other Side: Court Of Two: Binh Nguyen

Item #: The Other Side: Court Of Two: Binh Nguyen
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    The Court of Two came into being centuries ago when a doppleganger slipped through a portal from Malifaux and took an interest in Earth politics. Maneuvering behind the scenes for generations, this otherworldly creature amassed considerable power and wealth. Currently, it goes by the name of Anton De Wils, though it has many aliases around the world.

    Anton has decided to take advantage of the chaos on Earth to grow his power further. By working with Kirai Ankoku, a powerful medium, he has gained mastery over the spirits of the dead. He offers these spirits to his Malifaux brethren in exchange for favors... favors that will allow him to come out of the shadows and seize control of Earth.


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