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Storyline: Fairy Tales - ASUSSYS01 [841333100100]
Storyline: Fairy Tales - ASUSSYS01 [841333100100]

Storyline: Fairy Tales

Item #: ASUSSYS01 [841333100100]
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    • Players: 3-8
    • Playing Time: 15-30 Min
    • Age: 8+

    The four words "Once upon a time" are extraordinarily powerful. They herald adventures, magic, enchanted creatures, and mysterious transformations. They conjure far-off lands, brave hunters, determined princesses, fearsome giants, and talking animals. Above all, they begin our favorite fairy tales.

    Fairy Tales, the debut game of the StoryLine series, invites you to craft your own original fairy tales beginning with that remarkable phrase "Once upon a time". In this fanciful card game, three to eight players craft a story together with each player contributing characters, places, objects, and events to the narrative.

    StoryLine: Fairy Tales is a collaborative storytelling game that encourages players to play cards to add to the story and embellish on them. Each round a player is the narrator and ask the other players for a specific type of card such as an object or location to add to the story. All other players select one of these cards from their hand, then the narrator chooses the one they like most and awards that player a point. At the end of the story, whoever has the most points wins.


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