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    The Lion Clan marshals its forces at the Plains of Thunder, determined to exact revenge against the scheming Scorpion Clan. The Dragon Clan attempts to reconcile the two armies, even as it refuses to reveal evidence that might exonerate the Lion, and incriminate the Scorpion. And the Phoenix Clan races to intervene before the situation becomes a War of Honor to turn the Empire against itself.

    In this exciting new multiplayer format for the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game, you will form and dissolve alliances, engage in political maneuverings and wage mighty battles to determine which Clan will triumph.

    •Features a deck for each of the four following Clans: Dragon, Lion, Phoenix, and Scorpion.
    •Includes a scoring board, markers, and movable tiles that give a different game play experience every time.
    •Also included: tiles for each of the other five Great Clans, making War of Honor fully expandable with your existing Legend of the Five Rings card collection.
    •The basic game is for 2-4 players, but can be played with more if customized using your own L5R cards.


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