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Blocks in the West: The Western Campaign 1940-45

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    BLOCKS IN THE WEST is a new concept game covering the whole Western Front Campaign from Fall Gelb in May 1940 till the last bullet-battle in Berlin, May 1945.

    Developed on wooden blocks and cubes system, over an astonishing 124x87cm full laminated multicolor map-board, there's not any paper component, but the Manual. All the over 900 wooden/plastic components/stickers have been created by the best Italian artisinal industry and painted "A buratto", a technique usually adopted for painting car parts and accessories.

    BLOCKS IN THE WEST (BITW) is a game of World War II conflict simulation at the operational level. It recalls the most decisive battles fought on the Western Front from the battle for France in Spring 1940 until the dramatic end in Berlin in spring 1945.

    Although based on historical events and battles, the players in command of the two factions can modify the evolution of World War II on the Western Front.

    The game is recommended for two, three or four players: one/two control the Western Allies and the other one/two control Germany and Italy. The game is emminently suitable for solitary play: the single player just controls both sides. In this case, a play with Fog of War is mandatory.



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