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GEO Mats: Square 1" Grid 3x3- Black - TWD18GEO3x3-S1BC [784008124899]
GEO Mats: Square 1" Grid 3x3- Black - TWD18GEO3x3-S1BC [784008124899]

GEO Mats: Square 1" Grid 3x3- Black

Item #: TWD18GEO3x3-S1BC [784008124899]
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    3x3' Square Grid GEO Mats in 1" Square Grids with either a black or white colored grid.

    We love the gaming industry and, even more, we love bringing innovative products to improve the gaming experience; the GEO Mats are the next TABLEWAR innovation to do just that!

    The GEO Mats are, most simply, a transparent gaming surface with a pre-printed grid on it. Once more, you can draw on the surface with wet-erase markers or grease pencils and easily erase the marks.

    Writing on the GEO Mats – The GEO Mats are made to be written on with erasable markers and grease pencils. We recommend you write on the non-printed side. We also recommend Wet-Erase Markers rather than Dry-Erase Markers; Dry-Erase markers can stain plastic if left on the surface for longer than a few hours.

    • Wet-erase markers write easily and clean-off the most easily but also are prone to smearing.
    • Grease Pencils provide an instantly smear-proof writing on the surface but require a little more effort to clean off the surface. These are our personal favorite to use.

    Cleaning the GEO Mats – We recommend cleaning the GEO Mats with water and a towel (paper towels are fine too). Baby-wipes can be particularly useful especially when cleaning off the grease pencil marks. Using a dry towel after the wet towel or wet wipes gives a dry surface that is ready to write upon again. Stronger chemicals, including glass cleaner, are not necessary or recommended.


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