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Wrath of Kings House of Shael Han: Character Box 2 [SALE]

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    Versatile, brilliant, and deceptive, Achrionian heroes are renowned for their formless strategies and flexibility. In their spheres, each represents the pinnacle of their late Scion Queen's mystifying battle doctrines. The Deathbloom's amazing grace and pinpoint accuracy allow her to engage odds far beyond what a single warrior might even consider. The lethal Red Willow serves as both warrior and assassin, and stalks the battlefield in search of the most dangerous prey. And Hong Yao, the Red Demon, burns enemy ranks to cinders opening holes in the front lines for his brothers to exploit.

    Models are made of plastic.


    1 The Deathbloom

    1 Hong Yai

    1 The Red Willow

    Stat Cards


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