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FATE: War of Ashes

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    Brush your fur and sharpen your eye teeth. War is coming.

    Welcome to the War of Ashes RPG: Fate of Agaptus! This “grimsical” minis-friendly tabletop RPG is based on the popular miniature game. Head off to adventure in a world where the inhabitants might look cute and cuddly but often carry pointy objects with which they might just decide to stab you. Play as a determined Elvorix, a vengeful Vidaar, a militaristic Jaarl, or a ravenous Kuld. Stage Romanic-style battles and then celebrate your victory with a pint of kogg.

    Inside, you’ll find everything you need to get started, including:

    • Fate-style lightweight approaches combined with detailed minis-compatible combat to get the best of both worlds.
    • Character generation instructions and even sample characters to get you started on a romp across Agapta.
    • A bestiary full of interesting creatures that you can tame, hunt, or light on fire.
    • Plenty of settings and stories to fuel your campaigns.


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