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Hordes: Minions (75083): Bone Shrine - PIP75083 [875582022616]
Hordes: Minions (75083): Bone Shrine - PIP75083 [875582022616]

Hordes: Minions (75083): Bone Shrine

Item #: PIP75083 [875582022616]
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    Bone shrines dotting the perimeter of gatorman territories serve as both places of worship and warnings against interlopers. Covered in votive candles and the skulls of dead offerings to the gods Kossk and Barnabas, the Lord of Blood, bone shrines are places of dark occult power.

    Bone Shrines allow Minion warlocks to channel their spells and to gain additional fury each turn, though at the risk of becoming cursed! Warlocks with strong offensive and utility spells will get great use out of Bone Shrines, such as Sturm and Drang (PIP 75033) and Calaban, the Grave Walker (PIP 75021).


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