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Come Together

Item #: JPGVG005 [853504004657]
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Price: $18.95

    • Players: 2-4
    • Ages: 18+
    • Playtime: 15-30 min
    • Complexity: 1 / 5

    Players explore what fetishes their partner might be into while trying to guess what they will actually be. The base set of Come Together has 142 cards with different sex acts/fetishes on them. Four cards are set out, then players secretly select which card they are most interested in. Then players guess which card their partner chose. Unchosen cards are discarded and replaced, and a secret selection happens again. If players match on the same card twice in a row, they win and probably want to try out whatever the winning match is.

    The game is very much not for kids. But with values rooted in sex positive feminism and content that supports a wide variety of sexual interests and gender identities, the game is also very much not like most other "couples" games on the market.


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