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Warmachine: Cygnar (31128): Lieutenant Bastian Falk (Gun Mage Solo)

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    A battle-hardened gun mage of the Order of the Arcane Tempest, Lieutenant Bastian Falk takes on special assignments in support of the Cygnaran Army. He has mastered several unique tactics over the years and is particularly notable for the rare ability to use his gun mage powers through a scattergun, allowing him to unleash a devastating barrage to tear through enemy ranks.

    Like other Cygnaran Gun Mages, Bastian Falk has a number of ammo types to aid his army. From offering non-linear attack vectors to providing shots that aid the rest of the army, Falk brings new utility to the table. Falk pairs well with other Gun Mage units such as Tempest Blazers (PIP 31077) or Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (PIP 31086).

    Miniatures are supplied upainted and unassembled.


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