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Final Act

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    Players: 2
    Ages: 10+
    Playtime: 60 min

    FINAL ACT is an innovative, easy to learn simultaneous movement strategy game for two. In FINAL ACT, the players are the commanders of a tank company. Commanding 2 platoons of tanks (3 tanks each and the CO tank).

    Each commander sets up their map with a predetermined strategy in mind. There are endless possibilities. Once the board is set the players assign movement orders to the tanks using very cool control panels. Once done each player fires their munitions in accordance to each tank’s position and firing abilities. Lastly once firing is done, panels are revealed and tanks moving into shelled areas are marked hit by a flame, two hits and the tank is disabled.

    Players repeat this sequence until they are able to bring one of their tanks across the board to the last line of defense of their opponent.

    Carefully designed from perishable materials it is a perfect game for kids and adults alike.


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