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Hordes: Trollbloods (71113): Troll Basher - Trollblood Light Warbeast

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    Wielding enormous maces made from salvaged scrap metal, the ferocious troll basher is the favored warbeast of many Northkin. Troll Bashers are quick to anger and enjoy crushing enemies before devouring them. Northkin warlocks often let their bashers run at the fore of battle. There, their wild swings can cause the greatest harm to massed enemy troops.

    The Troll Basher is a light warbeast that fights with the fury of the north! It pairs will with casters that can increase its damage output like Ragnor Skysplitter (PIP 71099) or Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaw (PIP 71085). It will be commonly included in armies that also have a Dire Troll Mauler (PIP 71058).


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