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Hordes: Minions (75082): Gatorman Soul Slave

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    Gatormen bokors do not loathe death, as other creatures and their dark arts are sacred rituals. The dank powers of death rise steaming from the swamps and can be bound into dead flesh, harnessed to augment the cold-blooded warlocks leading the Blindwater Congregation. Bereft of thought and suffused with necromantic power, the Soul Slave serves as a conduit for the will of its master.

    The Soul Slave brings a solid amount of utility to any Minion army. Allowing its controlling warlock to upkeep a spell for free can make or break many plans in a close game. Spell Slave, the ability to cast the spells of its controlling warlock, is a powerful ability in the Minions faction, allowing the Soul Slave to spread around support spells or go on the offensive with the Mental Force rule that allows it to pay damage boxes for boosting its attack and damage rolls. The Soul Slave pairs very well with Rask (PIP 75043), Calaban (PIP 75021), and Sturm & Drang (PIP 75033).


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