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Warmachine: Cryx: MkIII Token Set [BEG]

Item #: BEG0293CR
Availability: Coming Soon


    All our faction sets come with each token that is needed for your models, faction wide! These Token Sets cover all the in-faction models released in the Warmachine and Hordes Mk3 Launch.

    This set includes:
    1 Feat
    1 Mini-Feat
    5 Tiny Feats
    30 Focus

    26 Upkeeps:
    Parasite-Pursuit-Lamentation-Backlash-Mirage-Black Spot-Escort-Scything Touch-Marked for Death-Infernal Machine-Soul Harvester-Curse of Shadows-Cloak of Ash-Hellbound-Calamity-Spectral Steel-Icy Grip-Admonition-Occultation-Crippling Grasp-Hellwrought-Death Ward-Malediction

    17 Spell Effects:
    Ravager-Deathbringers-2x Ghost Walk-Deadweight-Mortal Fear-2x Mortality-Sigil of Power-Mobility
    Overrun-Terminal Velocity-Dark Guidance-Puppet Master-Shadowmancer-Cloak of Darkness-Grave Wind

    24 Game Effects:
    Blind-2x Dig In-3x Scrap-Curse-Scutter-Spotter-Whipping Winds-Rush Forward-Grievous Wounds-Spell Vortex-2x Shadow Bind-Psycho Venom-Blood Shadow-True Wind-Dark Shroud-Red Tide-Prey-2x Corporeal-Vengeance


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