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Hordes: Skorne: MkIII Token Set [BEG]

Item #: BEG0301SK
Availability: Coming Soon


    Use our Officially Licensed Privateer Press tokens to beautify your games of Warmachine and Hordes while keeping precise track of all your in-game needs!

    All our faction sets come with each token that is needed for your models, faction wide! These Token Sets cover all the in-faction models released in the Warmachine and Hordes Mk3 Launch. THESE SETS INCLUDE THE SKORNE ERRATA TOKENS AS WELL! Buy with confidence!

    This set includes:
    1 Feat
    1 Mini-Feat
    30 Fury
    6 Rage Tokens
    6 Blood Tokens

    29 Upkeeps:
    Parasite-Shadow Play-Rapport-Inviolable Resolve-Pursuit-Blur-Aura of Power-Quicken-Tag Team-Tactical Supremacy-Subjugation of Will-Defender’s Ward-Blood Mark-Ignite-Banishing Ward-Hollow-Carnivore-Awakened Spirit-Last Stand-Vision-Lamentation-Black Spot-Vortex of Destruction-Admonition-Death March-Hand of Death-Cloak of Ash-Soul Slave-Storm Rager

    19 Spell Effects:
    2x Flesh Hardening-2x Puppet Master-2x Sunder Spirit-Mortality-Stranglehold-Deadweight-Manifest Void-Torment-Host of Shadows-Carnage-Deflection-Flesh Hooks-Guidance-Castigate-Abuse-Dash

    22 Animi:
    2x Rush-Heightened Metabolism-Swarm-Lightning Strike-Force Aura-Puissance-Prescience-Safeguard-Spirit Blade-2x Far Strike-Counterblast-Lurker-Arcane Suppression-2x Spiny Growth-Irresistible Force-Ornery-Fate Walker-Scuttler-Sandstorm

    35 Game Effects:
    4x Enrage-4x Blind-March-3x Blood Quenched-Push to the Limit-Grievous Wounds-Desperate Pace-Man Catcher-Combat Coordination-Silencer-Pain Driver-Stir the Blood-Flare-Righteous Vengeance-Vengeance-Grave Mist-Spirit Walker-Dig In-Craft Talisman-Invigoration-Paralysis-Spiritual Affliction-Battle-Driven-Shield Wall-Maddening-Scutter-Gnawing Pain


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