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Hordes: Trollbloods: MkIII Token Set [BEG]

Item #: BEG0302TR
Availability: Coming Soon


    Use our Officially Licensed Privateer Press tokens to beautify your games of Warmachine and Hordes while keeping precise track of all your in-game needs!

    All our faction sets come with each token that is needed for your models, faction wide! These Token Sets cover all the in-faction models released in the Warmachine and Hordes Mk3 Launch.

    This set includes:
    1 Feat
    1 Mini-Feat
    30 Fury

    25 Upkeeps:
    Surefoot-Guardian Beast-Admonition-Snipe-Wild Aggression-Discord-Bullet Dodger-Guardian Protector-Mirage-Pursuit-Blood Fury-Battle-Charged –Quicken-Arcane Ward-Weald Secrets-Calamity-Fortune-Marked for Death-Tactical Supremacy-Snow Shroud-Unminding-Hotshot-Warpath-Explosivo-Pulverizer

    23 Spell Effects:
    3x Puppet Master-2x Boundless Charge-3x Stranglehold-Rituals of Power-Cold Snap-Stone Fall-Guided Hand-Implacability-Mortality-Magic Bullet-Deflection-Return Fire-Guided Fire-Star Crossed -Wind Wall-Dash-Harmonious Exaltation-Mosh Pit

    18 Animi:
    2x Earth’s Blessing-2x Far Strike-Arcane Suppression-Primal-Winter Coat-Frozen Ground-Acidic Touch-Swarm-Flaming Fists-Lightning Fists-Irresistible Force-Lucky Shot-2x Rush-2x Rage

    29 Game Effects:
    Paralysis-March-2x Deafen-2x Dig In-War Cry-Righteous Vengeance-Bait the Line-Vengeance-Hoof It-Tale of Mist -Stone Strength-Cacophony-Spirit Chaser-Combat Warding -Hand of Yolandi-Hero’s Tragedy-Blood Lure-Fervor-Party Foul-Grievous Wounds-Top Off-Charge of the Trolls-Call of Defiance-Protective Aura-Strength of the Molgur-Call of Troqal-Heroic Ballad


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