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Hordes: Legion Of Everblight: MkIII Token Set [BEG]

Item #: BEG0296LE
Availability: Coming Soon


    All our faction sets come with each token that is needed for your models, faction wide! These Token Sets cover all the in-faction models released in the Warmachine and Hordes Mk3 Launch.

    This set includes:
    1 Feat
    1 Mini-Feat
    30 Fury

    28 Upkeeps:
    Dragon’s Blood-Onslaught-Fog of War-Draconic Blessing-Tactical Supremacy-Unnatural Aggression-Aggravator-Admonition-Battle Host-Wild Aggression-Forced Evolution-Marked for Death-Frost Field-Psychic Vampire-Occultation-Icy Grip-Banishing Ward-Leash-Mirage-Respawn-Parasite-Pursuit-Rapport-
    Blood Thorn-Bracer-Ignite-Cloak of Ash-Pincushion

    20 Spell Effects:
    Cloak of Mist-2x Boundless Charge-Invocation of Blood-Wind Wall-3x Ice Cage-Kiss of Lyliss-Dash-Dark Guidance-Disintegration-Breath Stealer-Return Fire-2x Hex Bolt-Incite-Wind Ravager-Twisted Form-Manifest Destiny

    21 Animi:
    Slaughterhouse-Boiling Blood-2x Excessive Healing-2x Spiny Growth-Hornet’s Nest-Ornery-2x Elusive –Massacre-Arcane Suppression-2x Far Strike-Wraithbane-2x Counterblast-Still as Death-Scurry-Recoil-Crawling Chaos

    22 Game Effects:
    Dig In-Alpha Hunter-5x Shadow Bind-Wings-Prey-Dragon’s Breath-Blood Lure-2x Grievous Wounds-Spellbound-Ashen Veil-Vengeance-Warp Strength-Brain Damage-Withering Ash-Spiritual Corruption-2x Flare


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