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Fortress (Fast Forward Series)

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    Players: 2-4

    Ages: 10+

    Playtime: 15 mins

    Complexity: - / 5

    The Fast Forward� Series of games uses the new Fable Game� system first introduced in Fabled Fruit. Each game in this series contains a pre-sorted deck of cards only and no rulebook. You discover all the rules and the cards as you play. Players begin a game without reading rules in advance, but rather gather a group together and just begin playing. Each game in the Fast Forward� Series is thematically and mechanically unique from one another, so each game is a completely new experience for your gaming group. Also, each game in the Fast Forward� Series can be played between 10 and 15 times before your group has explored the entire system. The games can then be reset and played again by the same or different groups.

    A great Fortress looms in the distance... and it must be yours!
    Accept the challenge against all others to conquer the Fortress!

    Fortress is a game about risk taking, out-witting, and bluffing your opponents to become the dominate ruler of the kingdom.

    It is the second in our Fast Forward� Series.


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