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The Day After Ragnarok - Fate Core Edition

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    Mighty-thewed barbarians and grim mercenaries roam the desolate plains of Ohio. Giant snakes, and those who worship them, prowl the ruins of St. Louis. Pirates battle the Japanese invaders in the South China Sea. Bold British agents, equipped with experimental bio-technology, thwart the insidious infiltration of Stalin's humanzees. Sky-raiders strike from hidden bases in the Sahara, deros skulk in South American caverns, and the Texas Rangers fight electrical death worms to save Los Alamos. 

    Kenneth Hite (Adventures into Darkness, Trail of Cthulhu, Night's Black Agents) presents a world of savage swords and rocket men, of wereserpents and war-apes, from Australia's battered Empire to the proud city-state of Chicago. Fate Core System lead designer Leonard Balsera provides the definitive translation of this setting for the newest, hottest RPG system!


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