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QUEST FOR THE ANTIDOTE (First Edition Promo Card Included) [Damaged]

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    • Players: 2-6
    • Ages: 13+
    • Playtime: 45-90 min
    • Complexity: - / 5

    Dented box - contents should be fine

    You have been poisoned by the mad King!
    Can you be the first to collect the ingredients you need
    and return to the Apothecary before you expire?

    Each player is tasked to collect 4 ingredients from across the land.
    Battle monsters and other players in your fight for life.
    Don’t dally. With every roll of the dice you inch closer to your doom.

    -A Fun competitive game for 2-6 players that pits players in a race to be the first to complete their antidote potion before they succumb to the deadly poison coursing through their veins.

    -Battle monsters, obtain loot, and destroy your opponents with the evil meddling cards.

    -Every dice roll, every movement, every battle consumes your breath. Can you beat the game and collect all of the ingredients before your life runs out.

    Standard unit

    - Regular Set: 146 cards
    - 1 Rule Sheet
    - 1 six sided Die
    - 1 ten sided die
    - 12 wood tokens
    - 1 wood cube
    - 1 Game Board


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