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Octo [SALE] - OCTA01ML-SALE [3558380014843]
Octo [SALE] - OCTA01ML-SALE [3558380014843]
Octo [SALE] - OCTA01ML-SALE [3558380014843]

Octo [SALE]

Item #: OCTA01ML-SALE [3558380014843]
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    The frogs have started a choir! In Octo – the translated French name of which is Octave and the Singing Frogs – you'll have to listen to their song, then sing the low, middle, or high notes.

    How will you know which notes to take note of? The die will show which frog a player will have to follow. If a player guesses correctly, he takes a card; if he picks the wrong card, however, he has to return all the cards he has. As soon as a player uncovers three frogs in a row, that player receives a concert card. The first player to collect three concert cards wins!


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