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Castle Falkenstein: FIREARMS & MARGARINE

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    Murder in the City of Lights! When a prominent leader in the Faerie labor movement is struck down by an assassin’s Cold Iron bullet it falls to the Dramatic Characters to find the culprit. Who could possibly have committed such a dastardly crime? Was it the owner of the margarine factory the labor movement was protesting? Or perhaps the underground anarchist organization known as the Commune? Or might it have been a head of police, frustrated at his inability to quell the demonstrations? The investigators must work quickly to solve the case before chaos erupts upon the streets of Paris or, worse, a war between human and Faeries spreads like wildfire across New Europa. Firearms & Margarine is an Adventure Entertainment in the form of a mystery and suitable for any Castle Falkenstein game. Also included are a new subspecies of Brownie, known as the Teuz, who are native to France and pre-created Dramatic Characters for those Hosts who wish to skip character creation and move onto solving the mystery.


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