Players: 2
Playing Time: 30-45 Min
Ages: 10+



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    Item #: CRY02510
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    ETA Date: 10/25/2017

    When there’s trouble, you know who to call … the Teen Titans! In this two-player game based on the TV series, players new and old to deck-building will find something exciting. Novice players will enjoy the easy gameplay, while veteran players will find fresh challenges with every turn of the cards.

    While this is a two-player competitive game, all of the Teen Titans get to join the fun. Both players start with one Super Hero, but are able to recruit other Titans to help them out. This creates an additional level of battling, as you try to steal away allies from your foe. The Titans are a team, sure, but they aren’t above a little one-upmanship!

    - Take on the role of a Teen Titan, and recruit others Titans to help you!
    - 100% compatible with other Cerberus Engine Deck-Building Games,
    - including Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck-Building Game!
    - Two-player format perfect for new players!

    164 Game Cards
    5 Oversized Super Heroes