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The Dark Eye: Theater Knights Campaign 2- The Blue Tome

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    At the behest of the Temple of Efferd in Neersand, the heroes set out to escort a legendary artifact of the Theater Knights to Aftermire. A routine delivery soon turns into a mystery when the heroes come across a brutal murder committed by power-hungry cultists. The villains' trail leads to the monastery in Korswandt where the Church of Praios locks away nobles who suffer from madness… or worse.

    Fighting their way through cunning Norbards, silent monks, and patients possessed by evil spirits of the dead, the heroes uncover a shocking secret. Now they must race against time to stop a dark ritual and prevent a massacre with dire consequences for the future of Aventuria.

    In this second installment of the Theater Knights Campaign, the heroes learn the identity of their true enemy and begin to learn of his dark plans. You need the The Dark Eye Core Rulebook and the Aventuria Almanac to play. The Blue Book may also be played as a stand-alone adventure.


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