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Traveller: Supplement 1- 760 Patrons (Second Edition)

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    Completely rewritten, the second edition of 760 Patrons brings back adventures hooks, plot lines and ideas in the classic format of providing an encounter for the players, along with up to six options for the referee as to how the adventure will progress.

    Got nothing prepared for the next gaming session of Traveller? Your players wandered off into deep space again, far from your planned adventure?

    Worry not, for 760 Patrons is here to rescue you!

    The original 76 Patrons became a lifeline for many Games Masters during Traveller campaigns, as it provided a ready source of adventure material that could be quickly generated when players started looking for work beyond their normal trading and exploration. The all new 760 Patrons Second Edition is literally ten times bigger and better, potentially allowing you to run a complete campaign with nothing but this and the main rulebook!

    Size: 400 pages, Softback
    Interior Art: Black and white
    Author: Bryan Steele


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