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Pixy Cubes - BO00430 [803979004303]
Pixy Cubes - BO00430 [803979004303]

Pixy Cubes

Item #: BO00430 [803979004303]
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Price: $21.99

    • Players: 1-4
    • Ages: 6+
    • Playtime: 20 min
    • Complexity: 1.00 / 5

    Arrange colorful cubes in different designs with Pixy Cubes. Each cube is colored green, red, yellow, and blue either as solids, halves, or in two variations of crescent shapes. You can race for speed, challenge your memory, or simply create pictures and designs as a pastime.

    In the speed game, players try to be the first one to arrange their cubes in a pattern designated on a Challenge Card. In the memory game, players have ten seconds to memorize the pattern, then try to be the first one to duplicate it.

    Pixy Cubes also contains Design Cards that players can use as a layout. Some cards show the sides of the cubes while others are plain. The levels of difficulty vary. With or without the models, the possibilities are just about endless!


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