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Builders of Blankenburg

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    Players: 2-5
    Ages: 14+
    Playtime: 60-90 min

    The year is 1123. A new count has arrived to oversee the surrounding countryside. As word spreads, people have begun to flock to the settlement. The time is right for Blankenburg to expand into a flourishing town. In Builders of Blankenburg, you are one of many people working to build up the town and earn prestige in the eyes of the count.

    Builders of Blankenburg adds a new twist to city building strategy. The citizen track requires you to think not just about what you’re building, but who you’re building it for. You must heed the citizens’ requests in order to generate income that allows you to continue building. New citizens arrive each turn providing more income potential, but also hastening the end of the game, which occurs when the town is full of either structures or citizens. The best games are those we can play with both our gamer friends and our family. Though deeper strategies are possible as you play more, the intuitive rules allow casual gamers and children to enjoy Builders of Blankenburg as well. Each turn consists of four phases: Bidding, Building, Income, and the Marketplace. This logical progression of gaining resources, using them to build, then earning income from what you built, makes sense and is easy for all types of players to learn.

    1 Double sided game board
    1 Rulebook
    10 Character cards
    31 Plan cards
    25 Citizen cards
    17 Visitor cards
    15 Event cards
    95 Resource cubes
    5 Resource dice
    10 Gold coins
    120 Silver coins
    84 Coat of arms tokens
    6 Player screens
    1 Key to the town


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