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Lords of Vegas: Up!

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    Your casino empire is expanding. But new players want a piece of your action. There's only one way to go to stay ahead of your competition--UP!

    Lords of Vegas: Up! is an expansion for Lords of Vegas. In fact, it is really 2 expansions in 1. First, it allows you to play with 5-6 players. Second, it allows you to increase the size of your hotels, not just by building out, but also by building up.

    These new taller hotels are more prestigious, and as a result earn you more Victory Points.


  • 2 new player colours (12 dice each, 10 players markers each, 1 scoring chip each)
  • 1 pack of money
  • 48 casino floor tiles
  • Rules

    Players: 2+
    Ages: 12+
    Playtime: 60-90 min
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