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Weiss Schwarz: BanG Dream -Trial Deck

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    The members of Poppin'Party debuts in the English edition of Weiss Schwarz!

    BanG Dream! anime airs from January 2017!!

    Join the world of Weiss Schwarz with Kasumi and her friends in her journey to find the "Star Beat" today!!!!

    Collect all 5 types of Character Sign Cards!! One type of Character Sign card will be inserted randomly into each deck! - (Please note that they are not voice actress signs)

    On top of that, 1 SP Gold Foil/Hot Stamp signed card from the following BanG Dream! voice actress is randomly inserted in decks!! (Kasumi Toyama : Aimi)

    What is Bang Dream?

    Bang Dream is a media mix project comprising of animated music videos, comics, song releases, and more! The voice actresses for the characters of Bang Dream also hold live performances as the Girl band, Poppin Party!

    3 Features of the Trial Deck: We're leveling up from "A deck for beginners" to "A deck for both Veterans and Novices!"

    1. 2 types of powerful Level 3 Characters included in each Trial Deck+! (They will be powerful cards like game enders or characters with healing abilities!)
    - Perfect with deck cards with cards with popular abilities! (a deck that contains multiple copies of cards with "change", "brainstorm" hand utility abilities, and cards that can movie on the field!)

    2. All cards will have at least 2 copies in each Trial Deck+!
    - You will only need to buy 2 trial decks to have a playset of any card from the trial deck!
    - You can collect playsets of Level 3s or popular cards with 2 decks!

    3. An increase in Shiny Cards!
    - 2 foiled cards guaranteed in every trial deck!
    - previously only 1 foiled card was guaranteed, but no2 will be included
    - 2 foiled cards are guaranteed in each Trial Deck+!


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