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    Another exciting and surprise filled book in the Minion War series as war spills into Phase World, the city of Center and the Three Galaxies. The epic scale of the Minion War just got bigger and even the Worlds of Warlock, the Splugorth and Naruni are involved.

  • Phase World's Center described and mapped. Four new levels, including the Gateland, Central Station, the Spaceport, Repo-Yards, Free Trade Zone, Warlock Market, notable merchants and places of business, and much more.
  • Demon Knights, Star Slayers, demonic legions and more.
  • Demonic spaceships, magic weapons and new horrors.
  • Deevil fortifications and defenses.
  • Space spell magic (new).
  • Spaceships, power armor and other gear.
  • The plot for conquering the Three Galaxies.
  • A stand-alone Dimension Book that is also the third step in an epic, five book crossover that spills across the Palladium Megaverse.
  • Artwork by Apollo Okamura, Mike Mumah, and others.
  • John Zeleznik cover painting.
  • Written by Carl Gleba.