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Konflikt '47: Soviet Siberian Terror Squad - WLG453010801 [5060393704973]
Konflikt '47: Soviet Siberian Terror Squad - WLG453010801 [5060393704973]

Konflikt '47: Soviet Siberian Terror Squad

Item #: WLG453010801 [5060393704973]
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    Through a combination of espionage, scientific exploitation of prisoners, and defecting scientists, the Soviet Union gained substantial knowledge of the German super-soldier and genesplicing programmes and produced its own versions of DNA enhanced soldiers. In an effort to make soldiers immune to the cold, a method of making monsters out of men was discovered. With a form of anti-freeze in their veins, these ‘ghouls’ are immune to cold and fire and have a freezing touch that can cause immediate damage.

    In Konflikt'47

    These fast fanatical nightmarish creatures can cause havoc in amongst your enemies lines, move up fast (don't worry about flame weapons as they're immune)to take advantage of their combat prowess!

    Cost:65pts (Veteran).
    Composition:1 NCO and 4 men
    Add up to 5 additional men with knives for +13pts each.
    Any models may be equipped with an SMG for +3pts/model.
    Up to 2 men can have a captured panzerfaust in addition to his SMG for +5pts each.


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