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Tunnels & Trolls: Dragon's Blood (Solitaire Adventure)

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    A solitaire adventure for characters level 4 or higher. It is for any humanoid kindred - men, elves, dwarves, goblins, uruks, hobs, skeleton-men, etc. It is NOT for trolls, ogres, giants, centaurs or any of the beast kindreds. It is also not for wizards, although rogues with the ever useful "Take That You Fiend" spell are permitted.

    The journey has taken months and it has stripped you down to the bare essentials of your life - your weapons, your clothing, and some indispensable tools that you can carry in a pack. There have been wrong turns and dead ends, but you are finally here at the village of Vvvarrr's Qiip, on the slower slopes of an immense mountain in the Khargish Range, far northeast of the city of Khazan. You have seen the dragon herself. You have seen the mighty Vvvarrr flying through the snow-laden clouds, scarcely more than a dark speck far above you. It hasn't been easy to reach this remote location, but the quest for eternal life is never easy.


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