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Dungeon Saga: The Tyrant Of Halpi

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    Once the mighty steed of an Elf Lord of the Dragon Kin of Alandar, Karrathor grew tired of his life of bondage, made to bend his mighty wing to the whims of a petty and arrogant Elf. His master, Sindartha the Sky King, was conceited even by the standards of his kin, and was neither wise nor gentle, preferring to master his steeds through brute force and cruelty. Several Dragons had died in battle or from their ill treatment at his hands before Karrathor was captured and presented to him as his mount. But Karrathor was a direct descendant of the Father of Dragons himself, and had inherited his ancestor’s temperament. Amidst a particularly vicious battle, having been struck by his 'master's' scourge several dozen times already, Karrathor snapped – literally – biting the Elf in twain in a single crushing blow, and taking flight with the disembodied torso firmly clamped in his jaws, leaving the legs to fall uselessly to the ground. Knowing he could not return to his home, having broken the compact of his own kin, Karrathor flew to the Halpi mountains, making a next for himself in an old Dwarf mine. There has he stayed ever since, venturing out whenever hunger drives him. He still bears the crown of his former master, which lodged itself around one of his massive teeth and has remained there ever since. Many have tried and failed to reclaim this valuable artefact, though none have yet succeeded.


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