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Item #: SND0029 [9780986392023]
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    The Butler did it...and so did everyone else! In J'ACCUSE!, everyone at the table is guilty of murder, but only one of you need pay the price. For this is a game of implicating others, passing around incriminating evidence and accusing one another of doing the old man in. In the end, enough evidence will be forced upon a single player to make a solid case against them… one loser and a table full of winners who got away with MURDER! This is a light, approachable card game for 3-6 players that requires players to vote, in the blind, on where evidenced will be passed each turn or try to catch others with a well timed, "J'ACCUSE!" This defining moment is often a shouted out accusation, drawing laughter, roleplay-esque denials from the players as well as a crowd of onlookers. Makes for compelling demos. Made in China.


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