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The Dresden Files: Volume One: Your Story

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    The Dresden Files Book 1: Your Story hardcover core rulebook (Dresden Files RPG)

    Beneath the "normal" surface of the world there are things and people which most of us don''t want to know about, things we do our best to forget about if we ever come near them. People won''t see what they don''t want to see.

    Whether you''re a champion of God, changeling, vampire, werewolf, wizard, or a plain mortal human being, this volume of The Dresden Files RPG gives you all the rules you need to build characters and tell your own stories in the Dresden-verse. Inside, you will uncover the secrets of spell-casting, the extents of mortal and supernatural power, and the hidden occult reality of the city you call home.

    Together with Volume Two: Our WorldThe Dresden Files RPG: Your Story gives you everything you need to make your own adventures in the thrilling and dangerous world of New York Times best-selling author Jim Butcher''s Dresden Files series!
    What''s your story? 


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