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Wings For The Baron

Item #: VPG16027 [610585961551]
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    It is 1916, and the First World War continues with no end in sight. With the war a bloody stalemate on the ground, the combatants have turned to their developing air forces to achieve victory. Wings for the Baron allows 3-5 players to take the role of German aeroplane manufacturers, supplying the machines needed to drive the Allied air forces from the skies and ensure German victory.

    What's In The Box:

  • One 20-page, full-color Rulebook
  • One 12-page Historical Reference book
  • 96 cards
  • Five double-sided playmats
  • One game mat
  • One solo player aid
  • 193 thick, laser-cut, multi-shaped counter pieces
  • Four six-sided dice
  • One bright red, 9" x 11 7/8" Deluxe cardboard VPG game box
  • One beautiful box cover sleeve
  • One "Wipes-A-Lot" napkin
  • One charcoal desiccant packet
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