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Yggdrasil: Sons of Halfdan

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    The heroes have placed Adhils, nephew of King Egil, on the throne of Sweden. But Destiny again calls them home. They might finally be forgiven and return from their exile, if they can bear to live under the yoke of the kin-slayer, King Frodi of Denmark? Or will they join the rebels who want to put the legitimate heirs back on the throne, the son of Halfdan, the king murdered by his brother? 

    The path of adventure will take them from a royal banquet to the conquest of Hleidra, into the land of the dark elves and to the walls of Fort Njord, palace of the legendary King Hring.

    Here then is the final part of the Yggdrasill campaign began in the Core Rulebook – what will the skalds sing as they sing of the heroes, one last time? 


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