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Strange Tales of the Century

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    TRAVEL THE GLOBE...UNCOVER HIDDEN EVILS...THEN PUNCH THEM! Join superstar pulp historian Jess Nevins as he takes you on a wild tour through the early decades of the Spirit of the Century world... and our own! Inside this book you`ll find the condensed history of the world,1935-1951, with story hooks for high-flying global adventure at every turn. Across the world and through the years, you`ll discover a rogues gallery of pulp hero archetypes ripe for populating your own worlds of imagination from the Brain in a Jar to the bermensch and everything in between. Then round it out with dozens of new stunts to add to your Spirit of the Century or FateCore games. Wheels up, folks its time to tell your own strange tale ... of adventure!

    Black & white, softcover, 520 pages


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