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Android: Netrunner Playmat: The Masque [SALE]

Item #: FFGADS07X [9781633441316]
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    • Players: 2
    • Ages: 14+
    • Playtime: 45 min
    • Complexity: 3 / 5

    Slip in and out of Corporate servers with a whisper-smooth run, or establish a secure foundation
    for your most important, bleeding-edge research initiatives...

    Four new stylish Android Playmats immerse you more deeply in the near-dystopian, sci-fi future of Android: Netrunner, even as they protect your cards from cracks, splinters, and other imperfections in your table. Each Android Playmat is made from natural rubber, coated with a durable polyester fabric, and decorated with an eye-catching art piece that presents a perfect, thematic surface for your high-stakes cyberstruggles.

  • Offers a durable and thematic play surface for Android: Netrunner or other card games
  • Bold artwork immerses players in a near-dystopian, cyberpunk, sci-fi future
  • Made of natural rubber and coated with a durable polyester fabric
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