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Warmachine: Formula P3 - Box Set: Convergence of Cyriss

Item #: PIP93117 [875582013010]
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Price: $19.95

    This Formula P3 Convergence of Cyriss Colors set includes key colors for painting Convergence of Cyriss miniatures. The assortment of metallic paints are perfect for any Convergence of Cyriss armor plate or metal surface, while the Arcane Blue and Menoth White Highlight combine to create the cool glow that emanates from the machines' essence chambers and optical sensors.

    The Formula P3 Convergence of Cyriss Colors set (PIP 93117) includes one each of the following paints:

    • Pig Iron
    • Cold Steel
    • Quick Silver
    • Brass Balls
    • Arcane Blue
    • Menoth White Highlight


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