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Yggdrasill: Core Rulebook

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    Thus begins the saga of the Fate of the Northmen, the Prophecy of the V'lva... 

    Yggdrasil the Lands of the North is a game of exciting adventure in a detailed and fascinating setting. Become a hero in the Scandia of legend intrigue, combat, quests, magic and mythic creatures await...!

    As heroes questing for adventure, glory, or immortality, you'll take part in great battles from the snowbound plains of Jylland to the courts of kings, and as heroes recognised by Odhinn the Indomitable, perhaps even to his feasting hall in Valhalla, there to prepare for the Last Battle between the Giants and the Gods; Ragnar'k itself, the end of the Age of Legends and of the Gods themselves.

    Mercenary or hirdmen, berserkr or noble, prophetess or sorcerer, Fate will guide you through frozen fjords, deep seas, and monster-haunted forests. Skalds will sing of your exploits for centuries to come!

    Men of the North! This is where legends begin! 


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