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Hellfrost: Rassilon Expansion 2

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    In the frozen lands of the northern continent powerful boasts boast of future deeds; clerics scan the natural world for signs from their gods; family and friends, tied by oaths of allegiance, rally together to combat deadly threats; wise sages and scholars plunder the few remaining libraries; and those who fall are buried with valuable grave goods. And now your heroes can join them!

    The Rassilon Expansion builds on the Hellfrost setting, bringing new life and new depth to the inhabitants of the northern continent.

    Within these pages you will find:

    • New options for player characters. 
    • Setting rules for boasting, burials, dedication to the gods, divination, favors, justice, kinship, and libraries.
    • An expanded bestiary containing dozens of new monsters
    • Detailed rules for running a resource. With these rules heroes can take direct responsibility for governing land, temples, or mercenary companies, allowing them to make decisions that will lead to prosperity or ruin.

    This book is designed for use in conjunction with the Hellfrost Player's Guide and Hellfrost Bestiary. The Rassilon Expansion is a core book in the epic Hellfrost setting for the award-winning Savage Worlds RPG.

    Game Line: Hellfrost/Savage Worlds
    Category: Setting Supplement

    Author: Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams

    Page count: 112


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