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Old Maid

Item #: PEACG10
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $5.95

    • AGES: 4+
    • PLAYERS: 2-6
    • PLAYING TIME: 15-30 min.

    How to Play:

    Player to the left of the dealer goes first. He makes a fan out of his cards and holds them, face down, to the player on his left. That player chooses one card from the fan without seeing it. If the card makes a pair with a card he has in his hand, he can put the new pair face down on the table. If not, he keeps the card. Now he fans out his cards for the player sitting to his left. Play continues in a circle, with players choosing cards and putting down pairs.Once a player has played all of his cards, he is safe.The game is over when everyone has played all of their cards. The player left holding the Old Maid loses.

    Why families love this item:

    It's a great way for young kids to learn how to play cards - how to hold them, how to deal, how to read the numbers, how to take turns. The art is fun and friendly and very modern and the package makes a great gift!


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