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Dust Tactics/ Warfare: Allied: BBQ Squad

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    Burn through the enemy lines with a new expansion for Dust Tactics! Bringing an extra dose of speed and brutality to the battlefield, the Allies' BBQ Squad knows the definition of hit-and-run tactics, staying light on their feet while packing a punch in combat. Known for their vicious Shotgun blasts, these Rangers also carry a Flamethrower to handle the more heavily-armored targets. But their most deadly threat to the enemy are Demo Charges, small satchels packed with powerful explosives!

    This individual unit box allows players to customize their forces at their own pace, expanding tactical options for the Allied forces. Similarly to the base game, this unit box is supplied primed and unpainted, ready for those who want to paint their miniatures before they battle.

    The fate of the world hangs in the balance. Which side will you choose


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