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Mistborn: Alloy of Law

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    Based on the best selling fourth Mistborn novel! Enter a brave new world of pistol packing desperadoes, scheming politicians, raging koloss, and spell slinging Twinborn in this supplement to the acclaimed Mistborn Adventure Game!

    Alloy of Law updates and expands the Mistborn world by 300 years, adding an Old West feel to the unique world and magic that makes Mistborn so beloved.

    This giant game supplement includes new and updated character creation rules; a comprehensive overview of the Alloy of Law world, its history, and its people; updated and expanded magic; rules for technology, guns, and gunplay; a complete gazetteer to the lands introduced in the book; a rogue's gallery featuring the heroes and villains of the novel; advice for running Alloy of Law campaigns; and exclusive original fiction from Mistborn creator, Brandon Sanderson. What's more, this supplement expands the official Mistborn canon, making it a perfect fit for novel and game fans alike! So grab your six shooters, strap on your metalminds, and get ready to Scheme in a Whole
    New Age! 


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