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HeroQuest (RPG): Pavis - Gateway to Adventure

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    Pavis: Gateway to Adventure contains 416 pages of pure Gloranthan gold, including: 

    •Character creation for Pavis heroes.
    •Full write-ups for locations including New Pavis, Pavis Country, Sun Dome County, Prax, the Ruins of Feroda, and the Pavis Temple.
    •66 detailed random encounters and 20 special encounters for Prax, the River of Cradles, and Pavis - each an adventure in its own right.
    •Four full-length scenarios: Rough Business; The Celestial Engine; Red Moon Rising; and the Purple Troll. Each features major characters, themes, and plotlines for campaigns set in Pavis.
    •Dozens of adventure seeds.
    •Full write-ups for six Gloranthan cults: Pavis, Flintnail, Lanbril, Yelmalio, Zola Fel, and the Seven Mothers.
    •More than thirty maps!

    Revisit the classic city as you have never seen it before!


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