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Wrath of Kings House of Goritsi: Ravenscar Mercs Box

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    The Scions Kings and their followers turned on one another like dogs fighting over the scraps of a meal as each sought to raise Arikania to new glories, to rebuild the Ancient Kingdom in their own image, however twisted that may be. The violence and blasphemy of the Five Kingdom's Era "this fallen age“ has lasted for over three hundred and fifty years.

    The five Scion Kingdoms, like their founders, have very different views of what Arikania should be, and they have mastered different forms of technology and magic in their pursuit of victory. Each nation, lead by the scion's noble house at its heart, will change Arikania forever; if they do not destroy it in the process. 


    12 x Ravenscar Mercs

    2 x Ravenscar Sergeant 

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


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