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Say Anything: Family Edition

Item #: NSG250 [892884000104]
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    Say Anything Family will feature the same game play as North Star Games' 2008 release Say Anything. To summarize game play, one player asks a question (e.g., "Which magical power would be the coolest to have?"), each other player writes an answer they think the asker will choose, the asker secretly chooses an answer, everyone else bets on which answer was chosen, then the asker reveals his choice. If players guessed correctly, then they score one point for each chip they placed on the correct answer; the player whose answer was chosen scores one point; the asker scores one point for each chip on the answer chosen, up to a maximum of three. After a certain number of rounds, the game ends and the player with the highest score wins. Say Anything Family will include 360 questions on topics that kids can handle as easily as adults. The game includes components for six players, as opposed to eight in the first game.

    Players: 3 - 8 

    Ages: teens & adults
    Teach time: 2 minutes
    Play time: 35 minutes


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